donderdag, september 19, 2002

En deze Noorse hardloper gaat samenwerken met Honoré Hoedt (de bondscoach middenlang) en hij heeft wel enkele geinige artikelen over trainingen. een quote:
"In the Kim McDonald group, from the information Bob Kennedy and the Kenyan Francis Rop, much of the training consists of three hard track sessions a week. For long distance runners, for example one hill session of 10x300 m, one track session of 1600-1200-800-400-200 (Komen did that one in something like 3.52/2.51/1.51/52/24 at his best in Australia according to Bob) and then another track session of 400s, for example 4x5x400 m. The rest of the running is easy long runs, with only occational LT work – approx. mileage 180 km pr week."