zondag, oktober 24, 2004

Heftig verhaal over Manute Bol, de oud NBA speler uit Sudan, die een zwaar auto ongeluk heeft gehad en veel geld nodig heeft om zijn ziektekosten rekening te betalen omdat hij veel van het geld wat had als oud-NBA speler heeft weggegeven aan familie leden in Sudan.
HierDit is het begin:
On that night in June, Manute Bol had called a cab to take him home from a basketball game, and, right away, they got lost.
"Don't worry," the driver said. "I'll get you there."
How could Bol know the man had a suspended license? That he was drunk?
Sailing down a Connecticut road too fast, the taxi clipped a guardrail, veered across two lanes and slammed into a rock ledge. The driver died. Paramedics found Bol unconscious on the pavement.
His neck was fractured in three places, his kneecap broken. His left wrist was so pulverized that surgeons temporarily grafted it to his body to keep the blood circulating.
In dark days and weeks that followed, lying in a bed the hospital pieced together with extra pieces of steel and wood so his 7-foot-7 body would not hang off the end, Bol kept asking why.
"Maybe God wanted to kill that guy," he thought. "I just got in the way."


Of equal concern are the medical bills. Bol has no savings or health insurance. A lawsuit against the cab company is in the works, but any money from that could be way off. Bol is several years from collecting his NBA pension.

Friends have begun gathering donations, and three former Warrior teammates — Mullin, Mitch Richmond and Tim Hardaway — have organized a benefit. The irony is not lost on a man who has given away so much of his own money.

"Before the accident, I never needed help," Bol said. Remembering his grandfather, he added: "If you think about yourself, you are selfish."