woensdag, augustus 23, 2006

World and Olympic 100m champion Justin Gatlin has been banned for up to eight years after accepting he committed a doping violation"
The United States Anti-Doping Agency (Usada) has set the maximum suspension, but the actual length of it will be determined by an arbitration panel. Gatlin, 24, was facing a life ban after testing positive for testosterone, his second doping offence, on 22 April. But he has agreed to "co-operate in the effort to eradicate drugs from sport". The ban came into effect on 15 August, and is set to run until 24 July, 2014, unless it is overturned or reduced at the arbitration hearing.


Usada's chief executive officer Terry Madden said the circumstances of Gatlin's first offence put his violation in a unique category.
"Given these circumstances and consistent with the international CAS (Court of Arbitration for Sport) precedent, a maximum of an eight-year suspension is a fair and just outcome," Madden said.
In accepting he committed a doping offence, if Gatlin appeals in the next six months to have his penalty reduced, he will not be able to argue that the test was faulty. "To his credit, it's recognition that the science is reliable," said Travis Tygart, general counsel of Usada. "Instead of wasting a bunch of resources attempting to create smoke where there's not any, he's acknowledging the accuracy of the positive test. "In exchange for his agreement to co-operate, we've recognised the nature of his first offence."
While we are glad Justin has taken responsibility...we are sorely disappointed in him USA Track & Field CEO Craig Masback
"He accepted liability," added Tygart. "He agreed not to raise technical arguments or frivolous defences.
"He has an opportunity to go to a panel of arbitrators and argue exceptional circumstances." Coach Trevor Graham has contended Gatlin tested positive after a massage therapist used testosterone cream on him without his knowledge. But Gatlin is now at least the seventh athlete trained by Graham, who is under investigation by the IAAF and Usada, to be charged with a doping offence. USA Track & Field chief executive officer Craig Masback said: "Gatlin's doping case has been a setback for our sport. "While we are glad Justin has taken responsibility for his positive test and will co-operate in Usada's anti-doping efforts, we are sorely disappointed in him."
dus Gatlin heeft toegegeven Testosteron te hebben gebruikt, niks 'iemand heeft iets in mijn thee gestopt'.