dinsdag, augustus 20, 2002

dankzij een opmerkzame oud-collega is mijn miljonairs plan al in duigen...
.bv and .sj domains are not in use
The current policy for the .bv and .sj top-level domains is that no domains are registered under these TLDs. Bouvet Island, Svalbard and Jan Mayen are Norwegian territories, and the current thinking is that applicants can use .no. The TLDs .bv and .sj will be reserved for future use for organisations within the Norwegian territory.
As for allowing other entities to buy the TLDs, the Norwegian authorities do not wish to commercialize our domain resources. This would be in direct contradiction with the policy we lead in this field and there has never been an item even to consider disposing of the ccTLDs .bv and .sj.

If Norway at a later stage should change the current policy, the authorities will undertake a careful evaluation and a consequence analysis of the matter before deciding what to do.

This is fully in agreement with the Norwegian official policy and with the views of the Ministry of Transport and Communications, superior to the Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority.