zaterdag, juli 24, 2004

Evidence that Kobe Bryant's accuser had sex with another man close to the time she says the Laker star raped her, and that she had sex with two key witnesses, can be introduced at trial, a judge ruled Friday. The decision was a big victory for Bryant, who has said he and the woman, now 20, had consensual sex at a Colorado mountain resort June 30, 2003
Much of the evidence that will be admissible is graphic. Semen and sperm from someone other than Bryant were found on vaginal swabs taken from the woman during a next-day examination, as well as on other parts of her body. Prosecutors say the semen and sperm could have transferred from dirty underwear she wore to the examination, but the Colorado Bureau of Investigation — the crime lab used by the district attorney's office — has joined defense experts in saying that is highly unlikely.
Ruckriegle said the evidence was relevant to the woman's credibility. It also provides the defense with an explanation for the mild abrasions found near her vaginal area at the examination.
"The defense can now make the argument that those injuries weren't caused by Kobe during consensual sex but that they were caused by her repetitive sexual activity," legal analyst Jeralyn Merritt said.
even voor alle duidelijkheid: Kobe Bryant is een basketballer in de NBA, amerikaanse profcompetitie; verdient bakken met geld daarmee en is de gedoodverfde opvolger van Michael Jordan als absolute grootheid in de basketbalwereld.
Alleen sex hebben met een vrouw, die je vervolgens aanklaagt wegens verkrachting en dat terwijl je zelf al getrouwd misschien niet zo slim.
Zou hij een verre neef van Patrick Kluivert zijn ?