maandag, december 27, 2004

NBA Bounces to an Edgy Hip-Hop Beat: "'It's the way they carry themselves,' said Todd Boyd, a USC critical studies professor who wrote 'Young, Black, Rich and Famous,' a book about hip-hop and the NBA. 'Guys from impoverished backgrounds who, once they make the league and start making money, say, 'Look, I'm not interested in changing who I am. I'm not going to participate in this charade you've set up.' 'Instead of Jordan in a meticulously tailored suit, fans got Allen Iverson in sweats and a cap worn sideways, talented and rebellious."
apart, gewoon een professor die zich bezig houdt met de NBA en hiphop en wat dat allemaal doet met de jeugd van tegenwoordig.
Tering, had ik dat maar als afstudeeropdracht gehad :-)