zondag, augustus 29, 2004

en hieronder een foto van de mafkees die vanavond de marathon verstoorde door koploper Vanderlei de Lima naar de kant te drukken.
Gelijk opsluiten deze gek

The protester, wearing a kilt and a green beret and a white placard with
the words "The Grand Prix priest. Israel fulfillment of prophecy says the bible, the second coming is near," on it, was immediately arrested and taken to a police station.

Protester mars British GP

He appears to be Cornelius "Neil" Horan, a former priest who disrupted
last year's British Grand Prix. He was then jailed for two months
following his race track protest at Silverstone.
A police source said: "The man says he is Irish, he is also drunk. He had been to a taverna earlier. Police are going through his stuff."
After the incident, de Lima said: "I trained a lot for this and I'm very happy to win this bronze medal.
"If the spectator didn't jump in front of me in the middle of the race, who knows what would have happened? Maybe I would have won. It disturbed me a lot."