vrijdag, november 28, 2003

Forbes.com: Forbes World's Richest People 2003: "Karl & Theo Albrecht , self made
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Source: retail
Net Worth: $25.6 bil
Country of citizenship: Germany
Marital Status: n/a , 0 children

In 1948 the two brothers turned their mother's corner store in the Ruhr valley into the first Aldi discount store. Today $34 billion (estimated 2001 revenues) Aldi has 4,000 discount supermarkets in Germany and ten other countries. In the U.S. they own a gourmet food-and-beverage chain, Trader Joe's, and a 7% stake in Boise, Idaho-based Albertsons supermarkets. The brothers' wealth also includes extensive landholdings in Germany. In 1961 they divided their German sales territory in two, with older brother Karl taking the southern half and Theo the north. Theo still manages Aldi North with the help of his two sons. Brother Karl has apparently retired from the supervisory board of Aldi South, so he can devote more time to his golf game. "